What do our parents have to say about us?

1118To highly recommend Tamborine Family Daycare would be a gross understatement. Both of my Children have and still attend Tamborine Family Daycare and I have found Bethaney and the Day Care to be an absolutely wonderful, nurturing, educational and safe environment for both of my Children.

Upon first meeting with Bethaney when I originally enquired about Day Care for my eldest son, I felt incredibly at ease and completely comfortable with both Bethaney and the environment she has provided for care of Children. When I had my daughter I had no hesitation in sending her to Tamborine Family Daycare along with her brother. Bethaney was very accommodating, where possible, to ensure both my children could attend on the same day.

My Son is now at Pre-Prep but regularly asks to attend Bethaney’s as he enjoys spending time with her. Fortunately he is still able to get his “Bethaney Fix” when I pick up his sister when he is with me.
My daughter still attend Tamborine Family Daycare and absolutely loves going, to the point that it is often tricky to get her to leave and come home!

I am always impressed when my children come home from Bethaney’s to find what new things they have learnt, from new songs, numbers and letters to fun activities like cooking and going on a “Bethaney Picnic”.

Kristy and Ben Pearson
Cedar Creek

1043You have been such an amazing carer for both Rhett and Nash, and they both really love you.

I have never been anything but 100% satisfied with how you have cared for the boys, and the service you provide. Your love and dedication to the children in your care is always evident.

Thank you so much for everything you have done for the boys over the years. I hope that you do continue to care for children, as you certainly do a wonderful job. If anybody would like a reference from me regarding your role as a carer and educator, please feel free to pass on my details.  Thanks so much again.


595My two daughters have been attending Tamborine Day Care for about 4 years. Bethaney and Tamborine Day Care are a real treasure. My girls are spending their days with a lovely person who cares for them like her own children, they have the structure kids thrive on.

Bethany takes the time to make sure they are academically prepared for school. They always have activities to celebrate international events and the day care is on a little farm with family and all around just like their own home.

I both recommend Tamborine Day Care and want to send out a huge ‘Thank you!’ to Bethaney!

Edwina Coghlan